Friday, September 9, 2011

k-pop??? kui3...

many asked me to give comments about the new band so called Max 24: 7. as a well-known korean fan (ngaku lak), my friends wanted me to give views on this new occurrence in Malaysia. waka waka.

this band is known as a group which imitates korean music trend---> k-pop.

when browsing all the comments in the viewers' page on Youtube, i feel so sympathetic with all these young 'jambu' men---> from the bottom of my heart...

there are of course more destructive comments compared to constructive ones..

nevertheless, this band is so brave to come up with their debut. but, of course, they will be straight away compared to all those famous and superb k-pop original bands such as SUJU, Beast, 2 p.m, U' Kiss, FT Island and many many many more..haha...

in terms of choreography, this band neeeedddddddddddddssssssss to practise a lottttttttt. coming up with a debut does not mean that they just need to memorise all the dancing steps. plus, they have to be more energetic. dancing is not only about expressing, but it is also a way to impress others..

lyrics?? musics? haha..listen to it on your own.. no comments. might be ok..might not be ok..kui3...

in sum, i would say that this group posseses some talents. however, they need to do something to win up our Malaysian fans' hearts. it's not that easy to be a phenomenon!!!!

let's enjoy the real k-pop now..go! Go! Suju!!! Fighting!

kamsa hamida..Chaw Ching Caw Air Ching Chaw.


  1. malaysian k-pop? allow me to share with you my view on this matter, will you... hehe... i dun prefer malaysian k-pop after looking into some review on yahoo and youtube... the dance steps? some are similar to the k-pop's..... music and lyrics? some of my friends who are avid k-pop fans says that these are all imitations...... in short, they do posses some talents... if they would just "do it the malaysian way" with some fusion of k-pop.... they will definately win malaysian fans' heart.......

  2. erm...but atleast, they are brave to be criticized..kui33... but all of them are well dresses in korean styles..hahah

  3. word could explain.


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