Monday, September 22, 2008

4 elements - 1 Nation (we are Malaysian)

we were once a great nation, ruled by great people.owned by great citizens. But that glory has faded into the harsh rolling wave of what-so-called 'Keadilan Rakyat'. I am not blaming Anwar Ibrahim for his charismatic figure nor am I pointing on Pak Lah drowsy eyes. I am cursing myself...clenching my anger towards our people...the rakyat. We are not politicans, we are not ministers, we are not those theocratic person. We are the inheritors of this 'water&earth'..but how could we pollute the water with 'fire of hatred' and 'air of vengence'?Aren't we supposed to be ONE? do not misuse the elements GOD has been giving us through 51 years of freedom. Be grateful, and combine the fire, air, water, and earth together. Combine those elements into one Nation.

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  1. er...
    ayuh gabungkan 4 ubsur menjadi satu agar kita terus bersatu.

    hdup awak!!


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